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The petition has now been delivered to WSCC. Thanks to the 5100 people who added their name.

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Zero Landfill

Zero Landfill is possible today. It involves organising collections for resource recovery, mandating recycling, composting organics and food, making manufacturers of durable goods responsible for designing recyclability into their products and buying recycled materials to make their products.

Waste Processing Plants can now deal with all waste in addition to being commercially viable. Landfill is obsolete, polluting, a waste of valuable resources, and just plain stupid.

Thakeham Village Action (TVA), Small Dole Action Group (SDAG) and Chanctonbury Landfill Action Group (CLAG) have joined forces to campaign for an end to landfilling non-inert waste in West Sussex and throughout the country.

Zero Landfill is open to any group campaigning to end landfill and welcomes all contacts.

You can help contribute to zero landfill, click the links below to find out more: