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Petition Delivered!

The petition has now been delivered to WSCC. Thanks to the 5100 people who added their name.

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11th April 2014 - WSCC Waste Local Plan Adopted

On 11th April 2014 West Sussex finally adopted its Waste Local Plan with its stated strategy of "zero waste to landfill by 2031". This means the threat of a rotting rubbish landfill site at Laybrook should finally have disappeared. Your views have made a difference.

16th April 2013 - WSCC Waste Local Plan Update

The next stage of West Sussex County Council's process to formulate its Waste Local Plan - to hold an Inspector-led public examination into the soundness of the Plan - has been announced. TVA will be participating in the examination, due to start on 2nd July, to argue that WSCC could move faster to zero waste to landfill than WSCC claims and to firmly challenge the Inspector's question "if the plan is found unsound ... would it be appropriate to move straight to the inclusion in the plan of Laybrook Quarry?"

10th July 2012 - Help Keep Landfill Off The Agenda

West Sussex County Council (WSCC) is currently holding a consultation period on the Waste Local Plan to cater for waste management until 2031. By highlighting planning objectives and by allocating preferred sites, it will lead to private companies submitting planning applications for new waste management centres.

This leaflet gives more information and you can use this letter as a template to write to WSCC in support of zero landfill.

3rd March 2012 - Two years on

It is now two years since Cory Environmental's planning application was withdrawn. In the last year:

  • West Sussex County Council has said its approach for non-inert landfill in the forthcoming Waste Plan is "no new sites to be allocated".
  • Tolvik Consulting says at a national level "the spectre of 'running out of landfill' has long since passed" as less waste is to sent landfill.
  • In a British Retail Consortium report of January 2012, many leading retailers said they are planning to send zero waste to landfill by 2015.
The inescapable conclusion is - due to the effect of the landfill tax escaltor, the reduction of waste per household, improved recycling, better energy-from-waste facilities and longer life from existing landfill sites - the move away from landfill to better and friendlier ways of dealing with waste is now beyond doubt. However we will continue to monitor events until such time as there is no threat of a landfill at Laybrook.

13th May 2011 - Laybrook off the list!

West Sussex County Council has started a new 'Waste Plan' declaring "the intention is that no new landfill sites will be allocated". Not only is Laybrook not listed as a landfill site, it is excluded from the short list of preferred sites, indicating it is not being considered as a waste site for any purpose. Consultation on the Waste Plan is due to take place in late Autumn/Winter 2011 and TVA intends to respond to the consultation with the aim of ensuring the Council maintains its decisions

3rd March 2011 - One year on

Cory's planning application was withdrawn a year ago. Since then:

  • Horsham District's recycling rate has increased from 42% to close to 60%
  • construction of the Brookhurst Wood materials recycling plant has started, with completion expected in 2012/13
  • West Sussex has adopted a strategy for commercial and industrial (C&I) waste with the aim of diverting more C&I waste from landfill.

26th July 2010 - WSCC suspends work on Minerals and Waste Strategy

At a recent county council meeting on 23rd July, it was proposed that work on the Minerals and Waste Core Strategy (the document that lists Laybrook as a possible site for waste disposal) should be suspended. TVA will continue to lobby the council in the hope that Laybrook is excluded in any future incarnation of the document.

The full text below is taken from the Cabinet Members' Reports to the Ordinary Meeting of the County Council held on 23rd July.

The Cabinet Member will shortly be approving a proposal that the Minerals and Waste Core Strategy, part of the statutory Minerals and Waste Development Framework, should not be taken forward in line with the timetable that was approved in March 2010. The intention in the draft scheme was that a Preferred Option draft of the Core Strategy would be presented to the County Council in October for approval for public consultation purposes. However, primarily due to uncertainties that have arisen about plan preparation resulting from the announcement of the Government's intention to abolish the Regional Spatial Strategy (the South East Plan), the implications of the designation of the South Downs National Park and the new legislation on energy and climate change which will promote energy from waste, it is considered sensible to suspend formal preparation of the Core Strategy. A new timetable for preparation of the Core Strategy will be prepared at a later date.

15th June 2010 - Government Announces Waste Review

Today the Government has announced it will carry out a full review of waste policy in England. Let's hope they do it soon, get some real policies out and get zero landfill in place quickly - see here for the full press release.

3rd May 2010 - Knepp Castle Fundraiser

The fundraising event at Knepp Castle in May 2009 was a great success so we have decided to do it again! This years event will be on Sunday 13th June, click here for more details.

3rd March 2010 - Cory Withdraws Planning Application!

Great News! Cory has decided to withdraw their landfill application for Laybrook. You can read their press release here. This is a major battle won, although it may not be the end of the war. WSCC may still list Laybrook as a possible site for waste handling in the future.

16th February 2010 - Horsham District Council Objects

On 16th February, the HDC planning committee met to discuss the Laybrook landfill planning application and voted unanimously to object "in the strongest possible terms". Some comments from the councillors were: "the objections are legion ... this is thoroughly unacceptable ... I can't think of an application in recent times when it [the number of objections] was so overwhelming" and "there's clearly no justification for this application".

11th February 2010 - Laybrook Copse designated Ancient Woodland

In January the Laybrook site was visited by the HDC Tree Officer to assess the impact of tree removal that is proposed in the planning application. In his report he notes that Laybrook Copse, which many trees will be removed from, has recently been designated Ancient Woodland and on this basis the application must be refused.

4th February 2010 - MP Calls for Zero Landfill

Local MP Nick Herbert today criticised Britain's recycling rates and called for the Government to commit to a zero landfill waste policy. Read the press release.

29th January 2010 - Petition Handover

Friday 29th January was the last day of the consultation period and TVA marked this date by handing over a petition of 5100 signatures to WSCC. Our two local MP's Nick Herbert and Frances Maude were there along with campaign supporters local press and radio at County Hall in Chichester to deliver the petition to council representative Frank Wilkinson.

20th January 2010 - Christmas Dinner Dance raises over £6000

Thanks for everyone who bought tickets and auction items at our fundraising Christmas Dinner Dance that was held at Windlesham House School on 19th December. We hope everyone had a good time. The good news is that we raised over £6000 to help the fight against the landfill.

20th January 2010 - Consultation Period End 29th January!

If you haven't lodged your objection to the planning application yet then don't forget that there is only just over a week to go before the consultation period ends on Friday 29th January. All objections must be received by West Sussex County Council before that date. See here for details on how to object.

4th December 2009 - Consultation Period Starts

The new planning application has now been validated and was published in the West Sussex County Times on the 4th December, this marks the start of the 8 week consultation period. See our planning application page for more details.

27th October 2009 - Planning Application Resubmitted

We understand from West Sussex County Council that Cory have now resubmitted the revised planning application. The council will now have to validate the application before the public consultation period can begin. We don't know how long that will take, but it is likely to be 2-3 weeks.

7th October 2009 - Objections will be carried forward

After some lobbying from Thakeham Village Action, West Sussex County Council has agreed that all objections made to the original planning application (WSCC/048/09/T) will be automatically carried forward to the new application. WSCC will write to all respondents and ask if they would like to make any changes to their objections when the new consultation period starts.

24th September 2009 - Chanctonbury County Local Meeting

On 23rd September, West Sussex County Council held a local county meeting at Ashington. The main item on the agenda was the Laybrook planning application and a WSCC planning officer and representatives from Cory were present also. A more detailed review of the meeting will be posted on this site when the meeting minutes are released by the council.

18th September 2009 - Planning Application Withdrawn

Cory have withdrawn their planning application due to the forms being filled out incorrectly! This is just a temporary hold up as we understand that a new, corrected application will be filed very soon.

14th September 2009 - One thousand join protest parade

Over a thousand people took to the road on Saturday the 12th to demonstrate their opposition to non-inert (rotting) rubbish landfill. Click here for more details.

3rd September 2009 - New Picture

TVA has obtained a picture that graphically illustrates the problems that will be caused by landfill HGV's travelling down the B2133, see our traffic page.

23rd July 2009 - West Sussex County Times Error

Anybody who read the article about the planning application in this weeks West Sussex County Times should note that the email address to send objects to, quoted in the article, contains an erroneous hyphen. The correct email address is:


We have been informed that the revised planning application submitted by Cory has now been validated by West Sussex County Council.

This is a very important time as only during this period will the council hear objections to the planning application
Click here for more details on how to object and to see TVA's response to the news.

6th July 2009 - Planning application update

We have been informed that the planning application has hit another snag that is preventing it from being validated. The fact that it is being repeatedly delayed, serves to show what a contentious issue this is. More news when we have it.

16th June 2009 - Planning application update

TVA has received news that West Sussex County Council has now received the additional information they requested from Cory Environmental regarding their landfill application. WSCC are now checking to see if it meets their requirements, therefore the planing application may be validated within the next week or so. Watch this space!

4th June 2009 - Planning application update

The last we heard back in April, was that West Sussex County Council had raised some queries about the planning application submitted by Cory and were waiting for their response. We now understand that Cory will send their response to West Sussex County Council in the next couple of weeks. The council will then have to revalidate the application before the public consultation period can begin.

1st June 2009 - Knepp Castle Fundraiser Success!

Yesterday's fundraising event at Knepp Castle was a great success with over £18,000 raised and a good time was had by all. Read the press release.

29th May 2009 - Last few tickets remaining!

It's your final chance to buy tickets for the Knepp Castle Picnic Concert this Sunday. Contact Dawn Lyall on 01798 817312 or Martine Penn on 01798 813224. Click here for more information.

17th May 2009 - Two weeks until Knepp Castle event

The fundraising event at Knepp Castle on Sunday 31st May is coming up fast. Entry is by ticket only, so don't forget to get yours from Dawn or Martine. Click here for more information. You can also view the auction catalog and place bids online.

20th April 2009 - Upcoming Events

Thakeham Village Action is organising a couple of events to raise awareness and raise funds for the No Laybrook Landfill campaign. There will be a protest parade along Goose Green Lane up to the entrance of Laybrook Brickworks and also a Picnic and Concert fundraiser at Knepp Castle.

19th April 2009 - Still waiting for application validation

West Sussex Country Council is still waiting for Cory Environmental to respond to the latest questions the council has raised. There is no indication of when Cory might respond, but we will update the website as soon as there is more news.

9th March 2009 - Application validation delayed again

West Sussex County Council have raised further queries to Cory Environmental regarding their planning application. Validation of the application has therefore been delayed again and is now expected around 27th March.

27th February 2009 - Application validation imminent

West Sussex County Council has confirmed that Cory Environmental has now responded to their queries and that their landfill planning application will be validated early next week. They expect the validation to appear in the papers on either Friday 6th or more likely, Friday 13th March. The public consultation period will then last 8 weeks. Look out on the website next week for a further update including all the information you need to log your objections.

23rd February 2009 - Planning application update

West Sussex County Council have not yet validated Cory Environmental's planning application. Initial indications were that the application would have been validated by now but it appears that West Sussex County Council have reverted to Cory with some points that require clarification or further information. We will bring you further news as soon as it is available so please keep checking back.

9th February 2009 - Public consultation starts soon

It is expected that West Sussex County Council will have validated Cory Environmental's planning application by either the 13th or 20th February. Once this is done, the public consulation will start soon after. This is the time objections to the planning application can be sent to the council. We will post more information when we have it. You can always register to receive email updates of key events.

28th January 2009 - Nick Herbert calls for an end to landfil sites

Arundel & South Downs MP Nick Herbert renews his call to end the practice of dumping rubbish in landfill sites and to find better ways to deal with waste. Read the full press release here.

28th January 2009 - Poster download!

Download our poster to display in your windows. Click here to download.

23rd January 2009 - Planning application submitted!

On the 15th January, Cory Environmental submitted its planning application for a landfill site at Laybrook brickworks. The council planning department will now validate the planning application before it ready for public consultation, which will be announced in the local press soon. We need to start preparing our objections to the planning application so that we are ready when the public consultation starts. To be notified when this happens and of other key developments, register your email address with us and we'll keep you informed.

23rd January 2009 - Boards and Banners now available!

Campaign boards and banners are now available from The Sign Shop in Storrington. We need to make as many people as possible aware of what Cory and WSCC are proposing, so please get one and show your support. See this page for details.

26th November 2008 - TVA Meeting

Thakeham Village Hall was packed with people on the 20th, all opposed to a landfill tip in their community. After hearing a presentation giving detailed facts on why a landfill at Laybrook would be so environmentally damaging, with a full opportunity to ask questions, most offered to help with the campaign. Many said they would explain to their neighbours and friends why a landfill tip at Laybrook should not be permitted, several offered to join the working group co-ordinating the campaign. Jean Locker said: "Cory and West Sussex County Council, who's job it is to decide the planning application, should now know the depth and spread of opposition to any rotting rubbish tip in the rural centre of our County

18th November 2008 - Exhibition reveals enormous impact of Laybrook landfill

The enormous impact of a rubbish landfill tip at Laybrook Brickworks in Thakeham, bordering Shipley and Ashington parishes, was fully revealed last weekend. The sheer scale and size of the proposed landfill, the decades involved, the vast number of lorries and the likelihood of damage to people's health and air and water pollution were all spelt out to those who went to Cory Environmental's exhibition and spoke to campaigners from Thakeham Village Action (TVA). TVA estimated that some 200 residents of Thakeham, Ashington and Shipley and further afield went to the exhibition and practically everyone said to TVA that they objected to a non-inert landfill tip at Laybrook. Many spoke about the effects of heavy lorries, the damage to people's health, the air and water pollution. Some left in tears. Others said they would now join in the campaign to stop a landfill site in this heart of rural Sussex . Spokesperson for TVA, Jean Locker, said: "Campaigning outside the exhibition gave us the chance to talk to people, answer their questions and explain more. For instance, many people were not aware that places like Hampshire and the Netherlands have essentially stopped landfilling rotting rubbish, that technologies now exist to process waste which captures all of its value, that landfilling rubbish is not necessary anymore." Everyone opposed to the landfill tip who went to the exhibition has been invited to a meeting, to be held on Thursday 20th November, to learn more and find out how they can help fight this environmentally damaging proposal.

5th November 2008 - TVA ramps up campaign

Thakeham Village Action (TVA) is ramping up its campaign against a new rubbish landfill tip proposed for Laybrook Brickworks in the heart of West Sussex. A landfill tip at this site will affect Thakeham, Ashington and Shipley and also Coolham, Storrington, Dial Post, West Chiltington, Billingshurst and Southwater, that's about 33,000 people. With the planning application imminent, TVA says now is the time that all residents should find out what could really damage their health and environment if a rubbish landfill tip was ever allowed. Site proposers, Cory Environmental, are holding exhibitions in Ashington and Thakeham "and whilst we should expect Cory to 'spin' the story" said spokesperson for TVA, Jean Locker, "it will allow everyone to understand how a rubbish landfill tip in our midst could really affect us and let Cory know what they really think". The exhibitions are on Friday 14 November from 2pm to 8pm at Ashington Scout Hall, Church Lane (towards the southern end of the village) and on Saturday 15 November from 10am to 4pm at Thakeham Village Hall, Storrington Road. Following the exhibitions,TVA will be holding its own meeting on Thursday 20 November at 8pm in Thakeham Village Hall for opposers to learn and discuss more and understand how residents can help fight in the campaign.