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Why Not Landfill?

It's not needed

In 2004 the DEFRA 'Waste Strategy for England 2007' was published. One of the main elements of this new strategy is to: "incentivise efforts to reduce, re-use, recycle waste and recover energy from waste" and "reform regulation to drive reduction of waste and diversion from landfill". WSCC has reviewed their priorities to degrade 'landfill' use in favour of recycling and 'new technologies' - Materials Resource Management Contracts (MRMC).

The EU has introduced new directives to divert waste from landfill including tyres, batteries and hazardous waste thus reducing the need for landfill. The Government has introduced the Landfill tax escalator, which by 2010 will be £48 per tonne making landfill more expensive than other waste disposal technologies, when gate fees are added. By 2015 this will probably be as high as £150 per tonne. This will and is encouraging waste disposal authorities, including WSCC, to introduce new waste disposal technologies to reduce reliance on landfill and be more accountable to their taxpayers.

Given current projections and other new and significant recent landfill site expansion approvals in West Sussex, the need for Laybrook is now not a priority. It is estimated recycling by 2015 will be 60% = 288,000tpa (tons per annum) of household waste, this is up from the current 34% and way ahead of the national average of 31% (source: DEFRA). The Materials Resource Management Contract is currently planning for 300,000tpa and combined with county wide initiatives the current reserve of known landfill capacity and expansion of existing sites should be sufficient to meet West Sussex needs.

The EU Landfill Directive of 1999 clearly states:

"Landfill not only takes up more valuable land space, it also creates air, water and soil pollution, discharging CO2 and methane CH4 into the atmosphere and chemicals and pesticides into the earth and groundwater. This in turn is harmful to human health as well as plants and animals."

They recommend:

"Where possible, waste that cannot be recycled or reused should be safely incinerated with landfill used as a last resort."

A landfill at Laybrook would completely disregard this directive.

A recent Press Release from West Sussex County Council dated 21st November 2008 talks about the possibility of West Sussex becoming a dumping ground for London's rubbish. 1.23 million tonnes between now and 2015 and nearly 700,000 tonnes between 2016 and 2025 to be precise. Whilst it seems WSCC are opposed to such plans, if they were to give consent for a landfill at Laybrook, this would be an open invitation to accept London's rubbish.

We do not need another landfill site in West Sussex and we do not want London's rubbish!