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Why Not Landfill?

Traffic & Infrastructure

Access to the proposed landfill site would be from the B2133 via the A24 at Ashington, with a new entrance being created immediately north of the Brickworks. This stretch of road has a number of hazardous bends and also many residential property driveway exits. With a significant increase in HGV traffic traveling to and from the landfill site on a daily basis, the risk of increased numbers of road traffic accidents is very real.

To illustrate this point we have plotted the positions of accident sites on this interactive map.

It is estimated that an HGV will thunder down the B2133 every 3 minutes! This is a 'B' road not designed for HGVs at this frequency. It is a country lane often used by horse riders and walkers, not an open dual highway and NEVER designed for this traffic use. It is a road frequently used by farm traffic which includes tractors, agriculture equipment for ploughing, sowing, hedge cutting and transport of hay bales and transport of horses. Farmers use this road and other minor roads in the area for their livelihood.

Two lorries try to pass each other on the B2133. Notice that the wing mirrors on the lorries would clash if they didn't take avoiding action. Many of the HGV's carrying landfill would be taller and wider than these and this is not the narrowest point of the road!

Whilst 'Preferred Lorry Route' access would be the B2133 via the A24, such guidelines are notorious for not being followed. The shortest route to the east is via Spear Hill, a notorious bend on the B2133 and in addition this road has many hazardous bends for top heavy trucks. The route to the west will use the A29 and the western section of the B2133, which also includes an accident black spot at the Billingshurst turn-off. The route from the south west could come through Thakeham, a road that simply isn't wide enough for such vehicles.