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Why Not Landfill?

Global Warming

Generally landfill gas is a 50/50 mixture of Carbon Dioxide and Methane, with traces of other gases and vapours, such as Hydrogen Sulphide. Carbon Dioxide is the most well known Greenhouse Gas, Methane is even worse and is highly flammable and Hydrogen Sulphide is a poisonous gas that can be harmful in very low concentrations. Need we say more!

There are landfills that have been closed more than 20 years that are still generating harmful gases. Methane emissions are known to be one of the greatest contributors to Global Warming, being at least 20 times more harmful than CO2. Whilst some of this gas is captured in landfill, at least half (93,000 tonnes in the UK) escapes into the atmosphere, making the same contribution to global warming as 3.8 million flights to New York (Source: Global Renewables).