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Why Not Landfill?


"Landfill is the worst environmental option and we have to end that dependency and we have to recycle more."

Ben Bradshaw, Government Minister, BBC Radio 4 Today Programme, 24/05/07

Leachate is the liquid that results from rain, snow, dew, and natural moisture percolating through waste. The liquids migrating through the waste dissolve salts, pick up organic constituents and leach heavy metals. The organic strength of landfill leachate can be greater than 20 to 100 times the strength of raw sewage, making landfill leachate a potentially potent polluter of soil and groundwater.

Laybrook is in the middle of prime land used for human food and animal feed production. This, at a time, when there is a call by both local and national government to increase food production in the face of spiralling overseas food and transport costs. And just to add more weight to this, consider the fine vineyards in the area, for instance Nyetimber, just 10 minutes away, produces some of the finest sparkling white wine in the world. Fact – won the world's best sparkling wine award in 2006 for their '96 vintage.

Additionally, the proposal for Laybrook Brickworks would change the contour of our landscape forever as landfilling an area the size of 120 football pitches would rise above the current ground level.

A beautiful unspoilt part of Sussex countryside would be damaged for generations to come and could contravene the 'Clean Neighbourhood Environment Act 2005'.