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Why Not Landfill?

There are alternatives

Significant progress is being made and planned for the future in terms of waste disposal. For instance, recycling is now 34%, ahead of the national average of 31% and an achievable objective is to aim for 60% by 2015. This is possible due to a Materials Recovery Facility in Ford, opening 2009, and the letting of the Materials Resource Management Contract (MRMC) which plans for disposal of 300,000tpa using alternative technologies.

It is envisaged the MRMC will provide a Mechanical Biological Treatment facility at Brookhurst Wood in 2010 and then in 2015/2016, an Energy from Waste facility or something better. Such technologies for managing waste create both electricity and hydrogen, helping to reduce our dependence on oil and imported gas.

Landfill increases CO2 levels by approx 325kg per tonne MSW (household waste) compared with some new technologies which reduce it by up to 540kg.

"There can be no return to the bad old days of sending too much waste to landfill."

Chris Smith - Chairman, The Environment Agency, 5th December 2008

Alternative technologies are safer and have far less impact on surrounding communities. Examples in addition to the specifics mentioned above include combustion, anaerobic digestion, microbiological treatment processes, gasification and plasma arc heating / gas plasma. With massive advances in these processes, they are the future rather than putting rubbish into the ground. The excuse that we have empty clay pits is not good enough.