Planning Status: Application Withdrawn!

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Petition Delivered!

The petition has now been delivered to WSCC. Thanks to the 5100 people who added their name.

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How can I Help?

Object to the planning application

If you have time to do just one thing to help stop a landfill site at Laybrook Brickworks, please make an official objection to the planning application. The more people who object, the better chance we have of stopping this atrocious prospect.

The consultation period for the main application ended on 29th January 2010, but there are still some outstanding issues which the council has asked Cory to respond to. When these responses have been received there will be another consultation period to enable the public to raise any objections. For more details see the planning application page.

You can use any of the reasons cited in this website for your objection, along with adding any that are particularly relevant to you. There are some suggestions at the end of the page to help you.

Every letter from every member of every household must be counted by WSCC as an individual objection so encourage all members of your household to write separately.

There are 3 ways you can lodge your objection:

By Post Write to:

Planning Services
West Sussex County Council
The Grange
Tower Street
West Sussex
PO19 1RH
By Email
By the website Goto the planning application on the WSCC website and click on 'Submit comments about this application'.

Remember, you must include the planning application reference 'WSCC/087/09/T' with your objection.

Objection hints

Here are some points you might consider in your objection:

  • HGVs thundering along rural roads every 3 minutes.
  • Constant foul odours & noise pollution.
  • Dangers to human health, e.g. increased risk of contracting cancer and low birth weights in children.
  • Significant increases in pests, particularly seagulls, rats & flies.
  • Livelihoods destroyed through damage to crops and livestock from increased pests.
  • Businesses and homes devalued.
  • Light pollution during twilight hours.
  • Potential increase in council taxes should the UK not meet landfill reduction targets set by the EU - by approving this application, WSCC would not be actively trying to reduce landfill.
  • Hugely harmful methane gas emission.
  • Damage & displacement of wildlife & vegetation.
  • Danger of pollution to lakes, streams & watercourses.
  • There are more environmentally friendly alternatives to landfill, eg. MBT, energy from waste plants & anaerobic digestion.
  • Alternatives are better for the economy.
  • West Sussex has enough capacity for all municipal household waste already.
  • Government & Councils must be more proactive in ensuring businesses significantly reduce Commercial & Industrial waste.
  • By approving this application, WSCC would open the door to West Sussex becoming the dumping ground for London's waste.
  • Landfilling an existing clay pit is the easy option, not the right option.