Planning Status: Application Withdrawn!

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Petition Delivered!

The petition has now been delivered to WSCC. Thanks to the 5100 people who added their name.

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Our Supporters

Present at the handover were (from left to right) Jean Locker (TVA Laybrook Campaign Chairman), Derek Deedman (Councillor for Bramber Castle), Pat Arculus (Councillor for Pulborough), Amanda Jupp (Councillor for Billingshurst) and Frank Wilkinson (Councillor for Storrington).

Petition Delivered to WSCC

Friday 29th January 2010

On the last day of the consultation period, TVA, along with MP's Nick Herbert and Frances Maude presented members of the County Council with a petition signed by over 5100 people opposed to the landfill.

Signatures were collected from shops, schools and local businesses in villages around Laybrook and online from this website. TVA would like to thank everyone who signed the petition and all those who collected signatures.

Nick Herbert has this to say:

"As the residents of Small Dole know only too well, the noise, smell, flies and litter from a landfill site can be dreadful. We should be increasing recycling and using waste for energy and materials, not burying the problem in the ground."

"My constituents in Thakeham and Ashington would also have to put up with 200 lorry movements a day - one every three minutes - for the next 21 years."

"I strongly support the local community in their opposition to this dreadful landfill application and I hope that the County Council will reject it."

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The petition was handed over to Council representative, Frank Wilkinson (right) by Frances Maude MP (left) and Nick Herbert MP (center).

Campaigners were present at the handover to show their support.