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Saturday 12th September 2009

Over a thousand people, adults and children, with dogs, cycles and horses, plus some vintage vehicles to carry those less able to walk and several tractors, took to the road on Saturday the 12th to demonstrate their opposition to non-inert (rotting) rubbish landfill.

The No Laybrook Landfill Parade started at Ashington and went along the proposed lorry route, the B2133, to the Laybrook site. For everyone's safety, the road was closed for the event, which gave the demonstrators the chance to really understand the narrowness and dangerous nature of the B2133, a road already twice as dangerous as the average rural B-class road. At the protest parade's end near Laybrook quarry on Goose Green Lane, demonstrators heard rousing campaign speeches, including speeches supporting the campaign from the two local MPs, Nick Herbert (also Shadow Environment Secretary) and Francis Maude (also Shadow Cabinet Secretary).

Nick Herbert said:

"Across the country, people are saying that they don't want rotting rubbish dumped in the ground next to their communities. Worldwide, countries and cities are changing the way they deal with rubbish and going green. In countries like Germany and the Netherlands, they're barely doing it any more because they've got the technologies which they've invested in to treat rubbish, not just as something you dump in the ground but as a resource for materials and for energy. It's a national shame that Britain is still the dirty man of Europe, so far behind our European peer group countries, still thinking it's OK to dump rotting rubbish in the ground and it's not OK."

Francis Maude added:

"This can be stopped. There is nothing inevitable about this landfill. This is yesterday's solution to yesterday's problem. We've got in this country to find better ways of dealing with our waste - that means more recycling as Nick has said, but huge amounts more can be done before we get into this old, tired, played out idea of dumping it in the ground in the countryside, in the wrong place, for the wrong reasons, with the wrong result. So this fight doesn't end here, it doesn't end in a week's time when the consultation period ends, it doesn't end when the decision gets made by West Sussex County Council. This is a fight that goes on until we win it. So all of us who live in the area, all of us who represent residents in the area, we're utterly determined to see this through, to fight it to the end."

Thakeham Village Action would like to thank everyone that attended the parade. The number of people present only goes to show the level of opposition to landfill at Laybrook.

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