Planning Status: Application Withdrawn!

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Petition Delivered!

The petition has now been delivered to WSCC. Thanks to the 5100 people who added their name.

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The Planning Application

This page gives a overview of the current status of the planning application and timeline of past and future events.

March 2010 - Cory Withdraw Planning Application

Great News!

Cory has decided to withdraw their landfill application for Laybrook. You can read their press release here.

This is a major battle won, although it may not be the end of the war. WSCC may still list Laybrook as a possible site for waste handling in the future, which could invite further unwanted planning applications.

In the meantime, TVA would like to thank everyone who worked on the campaign against the landfill and everyone in the community who supported us.

Jean Locker, chair of the campaign had this to say:

"This is superb news. At last, Cory Environmental has come to its senses and decided to drop its plans for a rotting rubbish landfill at Laybrook. The reasons for rejecting this application were so overwhelming, they have taken the only sensible option open to them. This proposal flew in the face of public opinion that we should deal with our waste in an environmentally friendly manner and not leave it to rot in holes in the ground.

So many people have given time, energy and money to win this battle and their efforts have been rewarded, our thanks are due to everyone involved.

With this news, a huge blight which has been hanging over the lives of the people of Thakeham, Ashington, Shipley, West Chiltington and Storrington for the last seven years has been removed. People power has been proved to make a difference. The support of many parish, district and county councillors has been key to the success of the campaign and special thanks are due to our two local MPs, Nick Herbert and Francis Maude who have been tireless champions of our cause.

We now have to make sure that the idea of a rotting rubbish landfill at Laybrook, or anywhere in England, is put firmly into the history books."

Planning Documents

This link will take you to the planning application page on the WSCC Planning Portal website.

The page gives details of the current status of the application and any documents relating to it.

Of particular intrest is the tab. Clicking on this will show a page containing all the documents relating to the planning application. Here you will find the application submitted by Cory as well as correspondance between WSCC and Cory and also copies of representations and objections lodged by individuals and organisations.

TVA Response

TVA has prepared this robust and thorough objection to the planning application.

The appendices are not included in this PDF but can be requested by sending an email to

January 2010 - Consultation Period Ends

On 29th January the period for the council to hear responses to the main planning application ended. The council planning officials are now considering all the responses received.

There are, however, still some questions and issues with the application that the council has asked Cory to clarify. Until these are answered, the council cannot made a decision. Cory has until 5th March to provide the council with these answers and once these responses are in, there will be another public consultation period to allow comment on them. Then the council should have all the information to reach a decision.

The exact timescales for these events is still unclear, but we will update you when we know more.

November 2009 - New Application

The new planning application (Ref: WSCC/087/09/T) took several weeks to be validated and was published in the West Sussex County Times on 4th December. This marked the start of the 8 week consultation period, which ended on Friday 29th January.

The council has stated that any objections to the original application will be carried forward to the new application. If you made an objection to the original application, you should have received a letter from the council telling you that your objection will be carried forward. If you haven't received this letter, please contact the planning department.

July 2009 - False Start

On 9th July 2009, Cory submitted it's first planning application for a landfill site at Laybrook Brickworks. The end of the public consultation period for this application was 18th September 2009. But, at the last minute, the application was withdrawn due to the application form being incorrectly completed. The original application can be found here.